Solution Offered by BigLeap

Our bouquet of Offshore Consulting Services is designed to enable businesses leap across the challenges of growth and expansion towards delivering sustainable business value. Our client-specific delivery models are meticulously built on the scale and scope of activities. We constantly review our client needs and expectation towards improving delivery standards and offering new services. This ensures that our clients all the benefits of associating with a one-stop shop for reliable offshoring consultancy services.
A Start-up with an experience of a veteran player in the field of
  • HRO
  • RPO
  • Staffing
  • Payroll services
  • IT Consulting
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Offshore Software Development
  • Shared Services Support
  • Managed Technical Support
  • Virtual Office Solutions
  • Localization Services

Scope of Services HRO/ RPO/ Payroll
BigLeap offers its Motto: "Value Beyond Cost Control" for flexible staffing solutions to corporations. We meet temp staffing challenges across functions like
  • Sales
  • Customer Care
  • Administration
  • HR & Support
  • Commercial and Accounting
  • Back office
  • Complex and high skill areas in Information Technology, Engineering etc.
We deliver unparallel advantages to our partner-employers to
  • Mitigate employer & employee risks
  • Human Resource costs
  • Improve Human resource life cycle efficiencies
  • Provide scales, performance and better service than alternatives
A range of services what BigLeap offer are listed as below and apart from these service can be custom built as per client requirements as well
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Profiling & Background checks
  • Scales & Ramp Ups
  • Contract Administration
  • Employee Taxation
  • Payroll & Salary Administration
  • Payroll Transfers
  • Leave & Absence Administration
  • Compliance, Insurance & Benefits
  • Response & Staff Helpdesks
  • Staff Training (Optional)
  • Induction (Optional)
  • Performance Management
  • Reimbursements,
  • Bonus & Incentive Management
  • Separations

Working Methodology
Typical engagements involve the following stages and processes which the appointed account manager facilitates with the customer
  • Pre Engagement requirement assessments
  • Proposal and Service Fee Quotation
  • Contract & SLA
  • Payroll, Insurance & Banking Formalities
  • Attendance and Incentive, Reimbursement Advice
  • Invoicing of the Monthly Payroll to Customer
  • Salary Disbursement to Contracted Staff
  • Post salary Customer Services
  • Invoice Settlement & Payments
  • Final Settlements on account of Contracted Staff
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